What kind of handling be ATARI computer done in Japan?

Japanese who is using ATARI is a not majority.
However, it is just a part of human being.
Japanese who uses the computer is because he falls into 
the panic if Japanese is not able to display.
The musician of 1 time, Japan was using nonexistent 
ATARI and Mac the distinction.

In fact, 
one of ATARI is excellent in respect of the processing speed and economy.
It is inferior when Japanese is processed and be only related to the music.
ATARI that is not able to process Japanese is a disadvantageous position.
As for the computer of Japan the Windows 95 is common sense now.
The Windows 95 that is able to display beautiful Japanese 
is not able to reproduce the sequence of accurate music even though 
a high-powered central processing unit is installed.

The intention that is able to create the music with the Windows 95 is nonexistent.  

I am using ATARI to create wonderful music.