Free Soft

D-LAB programed these free software.
Everyone can download freely and these software able to use.
There is not the duty that you pay the rent.

Jaxt ver0.71 211kb
This is a Japanese word processor. ScreenShot1
Kandoc ver3.21 191kb
This is the viewer of Japanese.
It is the excellent piece that went up the version and think with the colleague of Niftyserve.
Auto Swich ver2.1 39kb
*.PRG inside the auto folder and *.ACC you change on/off.
The screen that feels the tedium of a journey of Japan there is the worth of a glance and be.
Auto Pic ver1.0 31kb
It is the waste of time in the time that reads PRG inside the Auto folder.
Beautiful furthermore Miss will spend on you a small smile.
Please have fun.
Set Date ver4.0 13kb
ATARI STF and STE have forgotten the date when they turn off the power supply.
Thereupon, it is Utility that is able to bind the date at the time of the start easily.
Please have fun.
Real Time MIDI Monitor 44kb
It is 3 profitable sets.
ATARI becomes the total surveying instrument of MIDI.
Cute sticks works with the real time.
Hot Doc ver1.8 13kb
High speed scrolling Text Viewer.
Only with mouse operation. Even reverse scrolling does.
Japanese is not able to display it. It is very high speed.
Please have fun.

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